Free Zumba every Saturday at Margarita Paros Διακοπές με δραςη !

7 04 2014

Be active !!!

Every Saturday morning 11:30 to 12:30 by the pool free Zumba

During your holidays a personal trainer is available
(Zumba ,Pilates ,yoga, aerobic , blt )

To book please send us an email at

Για διακοπές με ασκηση και δραςη στη Πάρο !

Κάθε Σάββατο δωρεαν μαθήματα Ζούμπος στη πισινα του Μαργαριτα στον Αμπελα ,11:30 με 12:30 !

Δυνατότητα προσωπικής προπόνησης κατόπιν συνεννόησης για ζουμπα,πιλάτες,Γιόγκα ,αερομπικ ,σουηδική γυμναστική

Για περιςςοτερες πληροφορίες επικοινωνήστε μαζι μας στο


Orange marmalade ,ready for our breakfast buffet @

21 03 2014


Orange Marmalade
From Stella Fyrogeni Antiparioti

You can make this marmalade recipe with any citrus fruit.
Needs two days , slow food for slow travelers 😘
Place the oranges in a large bowl and cover them with water.
Clean them very we’ll Add also a lemon with them .
Hold the whole orange carefully so you don’t grate your fingers, run the orange over the smallest holes of your grater. Only remove the orange colored part, which is the zest.
Wash them again and put them in a pan with clear water ,just to cover them and Bring to the boil , till your water is bubbling
You throw out this hot water carefully and you add again fresh water and you are following the same procedure for 2 more times
Throw out the last hot water , your oranges has been soft and you let them be cold
When the oranges have cooled, cut them, as you want , in small slices or in bigger bites ,discarding the pips,
And you put them in a pan like this , one level of fruit one level of sugar
And you let it be in rest
The next morning you can see that there is liquid in your pot . Bring to the boil, Cook until it achieves a syrupy consistency, stirring frequently. ..
Test for setting point by putting a teaspoon of marmalade onto a chilled plate. Tip the plate; if the marmalade runs, cook for a further 5 minutes, then try again. At the end add The juice of a lemon and close it.
Pour into sterilised jars while still hot and enjoy as soon as it’s cool.>







Paros cooking lessons @ Margarita studios

25 02 2014


Join our delightful hands-on cooking lesson & dinner !

Taste & sample Greek Parian traditional foods and discover “off the beaten path ” the real taste of Greece

Join us in the kitchen and see, smell & taste what will be served as for your dinner.

* starts at 4:00 pm
* Monday to Friday
* meeting point ‘Margarita’s’ restaurant in Ambelas
* booking is necessary
* small intimate groups
* Welcome meeting, complementary drinks.

Your friends and family can join you for dinner at our reduced rates, please contact us for details @

Have a look at trip advisor about our Paros cooking lessons

Get the Parian recipes, enjoy specialties with local wine and impress your friends at home.

Stay tuned and discover the new appearance of our “Margarita “

19 01 2014


Hotel renovations are not easy ,but we are on time and above all we love seeing so many people working together for the transformation that happens when a tired and lackluster building gets a modern makeover and transforms into new, fresh stylish family boutique hotel.
But you know better than us,that hotel is more than a building, and it’s a lot more than a great restaurant and a great room…..
Renovation, innovation and creation are parallel with our commitment to enhancing quality service that manages that our guests have always Hospitality from the heart ❤️

Renovations are in progress ,so …stay tuned

Don’t forget !!! Book early and save now !!!
Margarita ,Ambelas
Greece ,Cyclades ,Paros island
Ambelas 84401

we promise that we ll be good kids this year

2 01 2014

we promise that we ll be good kids this year

Santa Claus seems to be very kind this year, as he left us another great review in trip advisor…

we promise that we ll be good kids this year, 

so Santa will return more happier and gentle 

Thanks a lot !!!

Stella & family

Greece,Paros island, Cyclades, Ambelas 84401

Coming soon … The New “Margarita” Ambelas Paros

18 12 2013


Dear Friends,

Winter christmas holidays are finally just around the corner and hopefully, you are already packing your bags to go somewhere interesting and fun!
At Margarita studios in the fishing village of Ambelas, on Paros ,we know that changes have to start from the inside…
that is why this holiday season, we are still working hard to be able to give you the best present for summer 2014, a New “Margarita”, with completely refreshed structure and most importantly new and improved services
we would love to invite you to take part of this journey with us
Best regards,
Stella & family 😘

Ανακαινιση και Συνεχίζουμε … Renovation To be continued …

2 12 2013

Τελικα ,το ειπαμε και το κάναμε 😉
Στο άψε σβήσε γκρεμίσαμε τα μπάνια και τα κουζινακια και στα δέκα δωμάτια του 1ου και του 2ου ορόφου
Και ηδη ο Υδραυλικος εχει ξεκινήσει να περνάει νέες γραμμές …
Προσεχώς και αλλα νέα μας 😉




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