How to reach Paros island ,in the heart of Cycladic islands of Greece

1. Catch a flight (2 or 3 flights per day) for Paros with Olympic Airlines, please see Make sure you book in advance as there are only few seats available. Flight duration: about 30 min. One way fare: around 70€.

2. Catch a ferry from Piraeus, port. Trip duration: between 3h and 6h, depending on the ferry. One way fare: between 25€ & 40€, depending whether the ferry is regular, high speed or economy, air seats or business class. (Timetables and information on Erkyna Travel, Yen Info) Tips: if you need to spend a night in a hotel next of the port of Piraeus, just ask us at

3. Sometimes there are also ferries from Rafina port (25mn by taxi from the airport), or Lavrio port too, but you’d need to check the boat schedule for that first.

 4. If you are island hopping, you can get directly to Paros from almost all the other Cycladic islands. You can get also even from places like Thessalonica, Crete, Ikaria, Samos or Rhodes and if there is not a direct boat, you get a connection from another island.

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