It’s not easy being green but we care to be at Margarita studios , as green as we can

We Care in Margarita studios,in the fishing village of Ambelas on Paros island, has to do with caring about what is going on – even outside our hotel door. We don’t say we are perfect but it has to do with opening our eyes and becoming involved in the world around us.

What we do
Our organic waste, as it has been done for centuries in our island, are collected and given to the neighbouring farms. Also, glass bottles are always refilled with wine, vinegar or olive oil and jars are used for our home made jams, or our olives.
Drinks from the restaurant are served in glass bottles (e.g. beer) or aluminium cans (soft drinks), which can be recycled.
Hotel staff collects all types of paper, plastic and glass from the rooms and from the restaurant and empty it in the blue bins, provided by the Municipality. Thankfully an organized recycle program finally started in the island of Paros in 2008.
Batteries from TV controls, A/C remote controls are collected and handed in once a month at recycling points in Paroikia.
All laundry that is done at the hotel is dried out in the sun, without use of dryers.
Key entry systems cards have been installed to hotel rooms. When guests leave the rooms, electricity close up.
All external lights have been replaced with low energy ones and timers have been installed to decrease the energy consumed.
Our hot water is solar heated.
In our land we are blessed with natural underground water well, but during summer we do take measures and also strongly encourage clients to save water. The water system was designed so that part of our grey water and the water from the showers of the pool can be reused for the garden.
We have an underground rainwater collecting system. We water our trees, vegetable gardens and flowers with this.
We grow our own organic herbs, olives, some fruits and vegetables, and we use whatever is in season in the preparation of meals.
At our restaurant we use our own olive oil for cooking and all our food is seasonable as possible. The kitchen oil is also collected for recycling

Stella & family

Margarita studios,suites & restaurant
84401 Ambelas Naoussa
Paros Cyclades
t: 0030 2284052362 ::


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