TripAdvisor Review Report -Margarita Studios “A very nice place to relax in a friendly atmosphere”


We Continue looking for a hotel without rumbling animation, loud (and stupid) evening-shows and typical all-inclusive-food. So we found Margarita Studios and it was best choice!
You feel like home in a very friendly, familiar and greek atmosphere. The owners are very very nice! And: here we got the best food we had in Greece!

Our children also enjoyed our days at Margarita very much! Swimming in the pool, playing on the playground or with the lovely hotel-dog (which is very nice to children) visiting the grandma in her kitchen while cooking perfect meals….

The little beach of Ambelas is very nice and just a 5-minutes-walk away.

Close to the hotel you can find a very nice horse-farm, where you can take lessons or participate a tour on the horsebacks through nice areas around. The owners treats his horses very good, that´s why they are all good to ride, even for children.

By car you can quickly reach different beaches, Supermarkets and Towns.

Perfect place to relax and enjoy holidays in greece!

  • Date of stay May 2010
  • Visit was for Leisure
  • Travelled with Family with Young Children
  • Member since 07 June 2010
    • Would you recommend this hotel to a friend? Yes

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    About Margarita studios

    Looking for unforgettable holidays? Looking for a small Greek heaven? Looking for that perfect place? Look close, you will find it here! Discover Margarita!


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    Life is Suite

    It's the Greek friend that everyone would love to have.

    Margarita is not just a hotel

    It's the Greek friend that everyone would love to have.

    Stratos Antipariotis


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