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quiet and very friendly place to stay in paros

Margarita Studios

fabienneStrasbourg   3 contributions
25 Jul 2010 | Trip type: Couples

this hotel is nice and clean ,the hostess Stella is very friendly ;

 relaxing by the pool is beautiful ;

 if you don’t want to go out at nigth, you can eat there , the restaurant is just close to the pool;

 i is a really beautiful place to stay ; but you need a car or a scooter to drive around the island , because ther e are only 3 buses a day to AMBELAS ;
the greek taverns along the sea are also great to have dinner or lunch

 : it ‘s a lot cheaper and quieter than in Naoussa

  • Date of stay July 2010
  • Visit was for Leisure
  • Travelled with With Spouse/Partner
  • Member since 17 September 2009


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