Paros cooking lessons @ Margarita studios


Join our delightful hands-on cooking lesson & dinner !

Taste & sample Greek Parian traditional foods and discover «off the beaten path » the real taste of Greece

Join us in the kitchen and see, smell & taste what will be served as for your dinner.

* starts at 4:00 pm
* Monday to Friday
* meeting point ‘Margarita’s’ restaurant in Ambelas
* booking is necessary
* small intimate groups
* Welcome meeting, complementary drinks.

Your friends and family can join you for dinner at our reduced rates, please contact us for details @

Have a look at trip advisor about our Paros cooking lessons

Get the Parian recipes, enjoy specialties with local wine and impress your friends at home.


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About Margarita studios

Looking for unforgettable holidays? Looking for a small Greek heaven? Looking for that perfect place? Look close, you will find it here! Discover Margarita!


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