Did you know that Greeks eat eggs at night?

Yes, Greeks love egg dishes for dinner!

IMG_4902.jpgEggs in Greek cuisine are not really associated with breakfast as they are in other countries, they are more of a night food.

Dinner, is most of the times for us, a lighter meal than the lunch, which is our largest meal and eggs is a perfect solution, easy, healthy, maximize energy, keeping us full all the way to breakfast.

And be sure here in Margarita Studios we love eggs at anytime and we know that a good day begins with a good breakfast! With loving attention to detail, it is me who takes care of the breakfast buffet. You’ll be amazed! It has everything your heart (and stomach) could ever wish for – from freshly baked local bread specialities to freshly cut fruit.«Stella’s breakfasts are legendary, with the best Cretan yoghurt, the freshest Fruit, and homemade cakes, jam, and fresh juices.»

Eating is never rushed in Greece!

So here I am, I have for you a traditional Greek dish for any time of the day – breakfast, or as a side dish at lunch or dinner.

Tomatoes and eggs (Strapatsada)IMG_3570




olive oil

salt & pepper

(feta or xinomizithra)



Wash & grate the tomatoes. Throw their skin away. In a frying pan sauté them, add the olive oil, some salt and pepper.

Once they absorb their liquids we beat the eggs and pour them over the tomatoes.

Cook for about 4-5 minutes, stirring gently. When the eggs are cooked and slightly colored,remove the pan from the heat.

They have to stay juicy.

Feta or Xinomizithra ,our local fresh cream cheese of Paros and some crunchy bread are the ideal accompaniments to this dish.

Kali orexi ! Buon Appetit !

Stella ❤



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