Hope to serve you again in 2018 !

IMG_3328.jpgOur Margarita Studios &  Restaurant is closed for winter until 1 April 2018.

A Special Thanks to my family and all our people ,who stand by us from April till October   Vera ,Michalis, Fatime , Nancy . Facing challenges makes us stronger!

The Margarita Studios & restaurant, would like to thank everyone that traveled to or through Paros and stayed with us for another amazing summer.

Our business would not be able to function without its wonderful guests and because of this we would like to extend our thanks to all of you.

We met some amazing people this summer and hope to see you all again.

We will still be answering the phone 00302284052362 and please feel free to email us at info@margaritastudios.com  to book hotel reservations and parties or events for next year

Don’t forget to JOIN OUR SOCIAL FEED BELOW BY TAGGING YOUR PHOTOS @margarita_visitparos  #margaritastudios

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Till then, we want to let you know that from 08-10 December we are participating in the 4th Greek Tourism Expo fair in Metropolitan Athens


We are wishing everyone a wonderful winter season !

Hope to serve you again in 2018 !


Stella ❤


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About Margarita studios

Looking for unforgettable holidays? Looking for a small Greek heaven? Looking for that perfect place? Look close, you will find it here! Discover Margarita!


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Life is Suite

It's the Greek friend that everyone would love to have.

Margarita is not just a hotel

It's the Greek friend that everyone would love to have.

Stratos Antipariotis


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