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IMG_2318Hello & Welcome to the «Margarita is not just a hotel». My name is Stella & I am the one behind this blog. I’m a happy mother of two great kids  Stratos  & Margarita and  a happy wife of a great husband Dimitris .

I ‘m also running  «Margarita Studios», a family boutique style hotel & Restaurant with greek cooking lessons on the island  of Paros in the middle of Aegean Sea in Cyclades, Greece, for 27 years, now.

I was  for more than ten years a member of the Tourist Committee of Growth and Promotion of Paros, representing Paros in many international travel fairs; the secretarial in the council of Naoussa association of Holiday Accommodation “Hospitable Zeus”, a trainer in the Hotel & Tourism Training Institute of Paros and an active member in the union of Women of Paros.

Paros is my home and as your Greek friend I’ll propose you My Paros !

This is a blog set up by me to help keep readers informed about my island view, features travel tips, photo diaries, descriptions of delicious cuisine I’ve sunk my teeth into, tales of expat life and everything in between.

I’ll try to share with you my favorite spots and charming locations, filled with the spark of local spirits, wine, ouzo or souma (the fire water of Paros).

 It’s also to make sure that new info about our island is passed on quickly and also to receive feedback on this info. Of course most of the things i write about have themes of the island life and usually have quite a bit to do with my company Margarita Studios.

For those who are interested in what it’s really like to live on a greek island, I also include stories about our current lifestyle (the good, the bad, and the funny).  

Make comments anytime you want, but check also my site Margarita Studios to book your accommodation If you like what you see, have a question, or just want to say hi please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear from you.

I wish you can visit me each time you can!
Thank you all and enjoy my blog!

Stella ❤






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Life is Suite

It's the Greek friend that everyone would love to have.

Margarita is not just a hotel

It's the Greek friend that everyone would love to have.

Stratos Antipariotis


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